The Story of Homer Skillet

Named after my dog, an amazing miniature poodle, and some of my favorite 1990s slang, What’s Up Homer Skillet? has been an evolution from fond memories to an actual passion. Starting in 2018, I’ve sold restored cast iron cookware locally, through Instagram and Facebook. I’m now pleased to offer services through this site.

What’s Up Homer Skillet?

As a transplanted Northern kid growing up in suburban Atlanta in the ’80s and ’90s, cooking was definitely an interest. My mom handled the Italian food and big dinners and my dad had his specialties, like fried eggplant, hearty chili, and cornbread. I noticed early on that he always used the heavy black pans to cook with and it intrigued me. What was so special about them?

I soon learned about the utility and quality of vintage cast iron – my dad actually had three skillets he used interchangeably: a #8 Favorite, a #8 three-notch Lodge, and an absolutely encrusted #8 BSR. Of course, I didn’t realize the brands on these three heirlooms until years later, but I always remember these skillets in our kitchen in Atlanta.

Oh, the ’90s, don’t ya just love ’em? Above my right shoulder, you’ll see some of the original skillets I grew up with.

Fast forward to college and one of my graduating best friends willed me the contents of his apartment he didn’t want to take back home: recliner, dish ware, glasses and what I later realized was a #9 Griswold. Well, the recliner ended up at Goodwill, the glasses and dishes broke, but I’m still using that big Gris.

During the last several years, I’ve collected a variety of cast iron cookware, cookbooks dealing with cast iron and connected with a variety of mentors in the field. I’ve also taught myself how to care for and restore vintage cast iron, first as gifts for friends, but now as part-time gig named after my best buddy, Homer.

You can find restored and ready cast iron cookware from What’s Up Homer Skillet? at Athens Antique and Vintage at 4615 Atlanta Highway.

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